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Soil Conditioning

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Perlite is used for soil regulator or as agent for decreasing water losses. There are expectations from good soil regulator as higher water capacity,base difference and higher heat capacities with lower salt amounts and heat conductivity. When perlite is mixed into heavy and sticky soils, it prevents swelling and shrinkage, fissuring, ponding with its drainage and ventilation properties.Perlite can increase water holdingcapacity of soil and effectivity of food materials.

Perlite can change physical properties of greenhousing soils instead of chemical properties of greenhouse soil. In greenhouse with sub-irrigation and drip irrigation applications, by pouring 4-5 cm of coarse grain sized perlite water usage can be decreased in half. There is an experiment followed in Ege University Faculty of Agriculture. Perlite is mixed with 1:4 ratio of coarse grain sized greenhousing soil. Tomatoes in this greenhouse is watered 6 times but other greenhouse soil is watered for 21 times in same time period. This proves that Perlite has positive effect on water losses and labor work.

Perlite is used for soil conditioning: 

Perlite enhances the texture of heavy silt or clay, increasing aeration and drainage. It also reduces the tendency to germination seeds above the "upper limit" and lasts for many years. Treatment is difficult to seed before entering the first 5-10CM to 25% of the perlite seedbed, flower beds, trees, shrubs and roses, when the perlite is mixed, backfill the soil to plant holes to promote root growth. A firm mixture of roots and water.

Perlite is mainly used in agriculture as a soil conditioner to regulate soil consolidation, prevent crop lodging, control fertilizer efficiency and fertility, and as a diluent and carrier of pesticides and herbicides

What is horticultural perlite?

Many people will find that came back from the flower market to buy the flowers planting soil there will be some white particles, but they don't know what is this, have misunderstood for is for the sake of beautiful decoration, actually these small white particles is pearlite, which is a kind of special materials for improving soil properties in landscape gardening, in order to distinguish the perlite, and other products, we usually call the pearlite gardening perlite.

Horticultural perlite is also known as expanded perlite, large grain perlite, perlite coarse materials.It is a kind of white granular non-metallic mineral material with honeycomb structure which is made by preheating perlite ore and expanding by 10-30 times at high temperature.Its particle interior is porous honeycomb structure, light weight, clean, sterile, non-toxic, tasteless, not rot, not burning, acid, alkali resistance, fertilizer, water, heat preservation, air permeability.Suitable for soilless cultivation and all kinds of high-grade flowers and trees and pollution-free economic plants, it is a good planting material for ecological horticulture cultivation and a necessary material for large-scale flower nursery.





















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