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Power Sprayer

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Technical Data
Container Capacity(L): 20
Fuel tank capacity(L): 0.7Net

Weight(kg): 9Range(m)l
Mating Power : 1E34F
Power(kw/r/min): O. 75/7500
Package Dimension(mm): 430X340X660


1. high efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times the normal hand sprayer), low labor intensity, continuous operation. 

2. The minimum maintenance rate of wearing parts is minimal, and there is basically no use cost. 3, atomization to reach or exceed the electric sprayer, direct injection range of 7 to 11 meters.

Pay attention when spraying:

1. After the switch is turned on, it is forbidden to stay in one place to prevent phytotoxicity to plants.

2. The spraying of the bearer is a drifting spray. Lateral spraying should be adopted to prevent the human body from being invaded by the liquid medicine.

3. Before the spraying, first adjust the walking speed of the backpacker, and calculate the amount of liquid applied according to the traveling speed and spray volume. When spraying, strictly according to the predetermined spray size and walking speed. The speed of advance should be basically the same to ensure uniform spraying.

4. operations can be used to change the bent pipe When spraying the bushes, the bend can be directed downwards to prevent the mist particles from flying upwards.

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